Harlem Tees LLC is a USA based and registered company. They sell their products throughout the country and have number of distributors as well.

All our products and made in house itself, starting from the production of Fabric, designing of the product, cutting and stitching everything is done within the company premises. Every new product/batch of product is checked and sent to sampling team within the company or laboratories as per our client's requirements.

All the steps involved in the process (Fabric Production- Dyeing - Cutting - Stitching - Finishing - Pressing - Packing) all these are done in our state of the art building located in Georgia. Each and every step is checked and re-checked if required to make sure that the final product meets International buyer's standard.

Atlanta, Georgia (USA) is our main base and from there on it is shipped to other parts of the Country (USA)/World. Since the products are exported overseas, which means quality of the product has to be top of the line. For that reasons we make sure that everytime a product comes out of the production line there is a consistency in the quality. Right from the first piece to the last piece of clothing. Come and see it for yourself if there is anything that you want to know more about our production process or quality of products.

We mainly deal in plain color garments, without any prints on them. This gives our clients the leverage to print anything that they want with our finished products. The fabric and coloring agents used are tried and tested in our laboratories, so that they do not go off or fade away later on. The factory is managed by number of managers under whose careful supervision the workers perform the duties.