Harlem Tees, LLC was established in 2010 with a view to cater the Circular Knitted Greige and Dyed fabric requirements of Quality Conscious Customers. The company has been established by Chartered Accountants and Engineers and is being run very professionally. The success of the venture can be gauged from the fact that a facility that was established to dye just five ton fabric per day six years ago, now has a capacity to Knit 2.5 tons/day and dye/process Six tons/day. The owners/promoters, being the professionally qualified people, are firm believers of systems and after setting up the Production, Finance, Inventory and Quality Control Systems of over a dozen Textile and Apparel Companies in India and Abroad had started their own venture keeping in mind all the requirements of the Apparel Industry.

Fully Equipped Laboratory

Consisting of.

  • 1 Spectro Meter (Computerized Colour Matching Unit)
  • 1 HTHP Glycerin Bath Beaker dyeing Machines
  • 4 Atmospheric Pressure Beaker Dyeing Machine
  • 2 Water Bath
  • 1 Water Distillation Plant
  • 3 Colour Matching Cabinet
  • 1 Crock meter
  • 1 Hot Air woven
  • 2 set of GSM Cutter & Electronic Weigh Scale


Finishing section equipped with.

  • 1 Continuously Hydro extractors;
  • 3 Hydro Extractors.
  • 10 Tumble Dryers;
  • 10 Pole dryers;
  • 1 Relax Dryer;
  • 2 Compacting Machine;
  • 1 Heat Setting Machine

Garment Washing/Dyeing Plant

Consisting of.

  • 3 Washing Machine 250 Kgs capacity
  • 1 Washing Machine 100 Kgs capacity
  • 3 Washing Machine 50 Kgs capacity
  • 1 Washing Machine 25 Kgs capacity for Sampling
  • 3 Hydro Extractors 50 Kgs Capacity each
  • 2 Tumble Dryer 75 Kgs capacity
  • 2 Tumble Dryer 50 Kgs capacity
  • 2 Boiler 600 Kgs capacity
  • 1 Sand Blasting Machine


An effective quality assurance system has been implemented at every stage in the plant


Where proper care is taken in setting of machines as per technical specifications, during knitting process defects are immediately identified and rectified, and followed by a 100% inspection of greige as well as dyed fabric using widely accepted four point system for fabric inspection for production quality fabric.


Fully computerized Datacolour Colour matching system used to perfect shade matching with minimal lot shade variation. The work force is skilled and experienced technicians to check & control the shrinkage, Colour fastness, GSM & dyeing defect of fabric on ever stage of processing.