All the materials used for the purpose of making the garment is produced within the factory itself. We make sure that all the raw materials used for making the fabric are of top quality so that all the garments produced carry the same quality throughout the production.

Once the Fabric is made it is sent for Dyeing to the next production line within the factory. Depending upon the order of the color, fabric is then dyed in our latest state of the art machine.

The dyed material then goes for cutting according to the design. While cutting the worker makes sure that none of the fabric gets destroyed or cut unevenly. This cuts down the cost of production which benefits the client in the long run.

For stitching we use strong threads so that they do not break away easily. Stitching is then done by human hands with the help of a machine to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

Once the stitching is done, then it is sent for quality check. It is one of the various checking process that is done throughout the production of the good.

Nobody wants their cloths wrinkled when they buy. So when the product passes the quality check it is sent for pressing from there it goes to packing.

After the pressing is done then final checking is done on random basis to make sure that the product is up to the client standards. Then it is either sent for delivery or storage until the shipment time arrives.